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VIDENT iAuto700 All System scan tool Register Guide

automotiveshop | 01 March, 2019 23:24

Step 1: find out the VIDENT iAuto700 serial number and password for registration.
Please connect the VIDENT iAuto700 scanner with a computer with the USB cable provided to boots up it. Select “Setup” on the menu, then “About” and you can see “Product serial number” and password.
Take the user S/N# 7000315001361 for example.
vident-iauto700-registration-01 vident-iauto700-registration-02 vident-iauto700-registration-03
Step 2: login the official site to register.
As required, to input user ID, password, first name & last name, Country, phone, email and captcha etc.
Or you can download the “iAuto700 software Update client” to install on your computer to register. Firstly click on “Update client and manuals” and then “iAuto 700“.

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