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Lonsdor K518 Customers Feedbacks Work and Not Work!

automotiveshop | 03 December, 2018 04:42

After more than one year of test and conclusion, a sheet of Lonsdor K518ISE Key programmer feedabck was formed, it is newest and most comprehensive.

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1. Lonsdor K518ISE: New 3 month trial period for certain special function.
I used it for Megane 3 with Smart Card system. Programmed key card in 2 minutes. No need pin code or anything….
Seems they have finally got a good competition for the Zedfull…..
2. Good news !! New update is good for MQB key !! Work fine add key on golf mk7 2015 ! Very fast and easy !!! Bravo !!
3. Mégane 3 RS 2010, 4 buttons card, hands free. Cards programmed 2 mins, Starts/stops, opens/closes, and the hands free works too with factory cards.
4. Renault espace 2008 added 2 smart cards with no error, after finished the 2 cards were not recognised did not start car or work central locking
took long while, 5 minutes per card, MVP coded all cards in under 30 seconds, working perfect…
5. I made cas 2 one week ago no problem at all i made key in slot off lonsdor max 5 min
6. Personaly I never had issue with BMW cas 2/3 with lonsdor
7. Volvo v50 2005 add key and remote ok
8. Fiat doblo 2017. Program key ok And desabled key lost.
9. Honda accord 2012. Add key ok.
10. Renault master3 2012 add key ok
11. BMW 1 F25 2012 fem add Key ok
12. Read pin add key Peugeot 208 2014 ok
13. Mazda cx9 2015 add key 4d-63 80bit ok
More…… Lonsdor K518ISE test reports yes & no.

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